What is Sexual Attraction and How It Can Be Increased

attractionWhat makes a person sexually attractive to the opposite sex? This is the question that people have been asking for ages. For better or worse, nobody knows an exact answer. The only indisputable thing is that the sexual attraction is not about our external look only.

What Science Says

While a rather mysterious concept, sexual attraction was a subject of numerous scientific studies. The researchers mainly were successful in categorizing certain factors rather than in revealing an exact mechanism. Anyways, their findings can be interesting and helpful to a broad audience.

The first fact you might be surprised with is that we are to a large extent guided by smell when determining our matching partner. The chemicals that transfer this kind of information are called pheromones; they are released with an individual’s sweat. Women tend to react to scents more readily. Nowadays, pheromones can be synthesized in labs and added to perfumes. This is a really effective way to boost your sexual appeal.

Another interesting finding that men should know is that women are hooked by masculine traits. Broad shoulders, strong arms and masculine face features will undoubtedly make them turn their heads. This is because women subconsciously associate all those traits with better fertility and ability to defend the family. While this is not true in the modern society any more, the instinct engraved in the female brain still works without a failure.

On the other hand, studies show that attractiveness is not about external appearance only. Personality traits play a very important role too. Kind and amicable people find a partner much easier than those possessing a rough temper. In fact, our temper determines how our facial traits are perceived by people around us.

It is also worth noticing that the sexual attraction is highly individual; what works for some one can be absolutely useless for another person. Similarly, what one likes can be not tolerated by others.

How to Be More Attractive

Based on the abovementioned findings, we can try to manage our sexual attraction. This can be done not only by means of correcting our physical condition and external look, but also through improvement of our personality features. There are certain secrets of attractiveness, which are common for both men and women.

First of all, remember that people tend to get attracted to something interesting, welcoming and intriguing. So avoid looking boring, demonstrate your emotions openly and be positive. Show what you really are.

The body language is not to be overlooked too. If you are fit, don’t be shy to demonstrate your torso, muscles or chest. Your chances to be noticed are much higher in this case. Avoid keeping your arms crossed or your hands in the pockets as these signs are known to show that the individual is not willing to expand its social circle.

Remember that even such simple things can have a significant effect on your sexual attraction. So, to improve your appeal, devise a new image and behavior pattern and stick to them thoroughly.

Keep Your Breast Healthy Naturally

breast growthBreast is a very important part of a female body, and a very beautiful one. No wonder that women (and men, of course) pay so much attention to their breast. A healthy, full, and beautiful breast can make a person attractive and self-confident. This is why every woman should be aware of basic techniques to be used in order to maintain her bust in a proper condition. The breast health should be regarded as the prime factor, because only a healthy breast can be beautiful and well-looking. Let’s discuss some general tips on how to maintain your bust in a good state.

Wear a well-fitting bra to keep your breast in comfort. Unfortunately, women tend to underestimate this factor. However, if fitted improperly, a bra can cause irritation, circulatory problems, and even add to the hated sagging. Remember that your bra size may vary depending on a number of factors like weight loss/gain, menstrual cycle, aging etc.

While wearing a properly fitting bra is really important, casual wearing no bra is also highly recommended. Some studies show that women tending to wear their bras less have, in general, healthier breasts as compared to those who do it continuously. This is because bras, even fitted perfectly, constrict the blood flow in your breast and hinder proper skin breathing. So consider going out sometimes without your bra on.

Practise special exercises to natural breast growth and keep the muscles toned, which reduces risk of cancer. Along with topical exercises, general physical activity is also highly beneficial, for example jogging, swimming, or cycling.

Breast massage can be regarded as a kind of topical breast exercises. It should be performed some times a week. You can use some special creams or herbal mixtures with this procedure. Just rub the stuff into your breast skin gently to keep your bust firm, tender, and toned enough.

Detoxing is a factor you should not forget about. To keep your breast healthy, you should apply not only techniques using direct contact with your skin, but also maintain the procedures from inside. Being a general healthy approach, detoxing helps reduce risk of breast cancer as well.

Another concept close to the previous one is a proper diet. Our meal determines the general state of our health, so it affects the breast as well. Fruits, vegetables, fish, and lean meat are the foodstuffs, which are really friendly to the breast health. Avoid or restrict consuming meal rich in fats, sugars, and carbohydrates. Raw food is preferable.

That said, we should also mention alcohol drinks. You’d better avoid consuming them, as alcohol and smoking are widely known factors affecting the risk of cancer. Smoking also worsens the state of the skin, thus adding to breast sagging. This is why it is absolutely intolerable, while modest alcohol dosages are allowable on occasions.

To make sure your breast is OK, undergo regular examinations. Early cancer detection can save your life. This fact is not to be neglected. Examine your breast yourself and regularly visit a doctor for in-depth investigations.

Getting Rid of Stretch Marks with Cream

Stretch marks creamMaybe, you are one of those women who wonder weather it is possible to get rid of these hateful stretch marks. Unfortunately, medical solutions for the purpose are rather limited. Nonetheless, which method is the most effective? You should know that you can efficiently cope with your stretch marks just in the comfort of your home.
Stretch mark creams are the remedy that caused a stir not so long ago; and justifiably, though. They allow making stretch marks not so obvious. This is especially true when we consider a trustworthy brand’s product with clinically proven efficiency. Nowadays, it does not take so much efforts to fight against those hateful defects. One crucial thing that determines the success is the right choice. There is best cream for stretch marks on the market today; and their number of products grows from day to day.
This is because the demand holds on high levels, with very different people categories getting this cosmetic defect due to a number of reasons: weight loss, pregnancy, rapid pubertal growth etc. It goes without saying, that most of those people are in search of efficient ways to get rid of the defect.
The first, and probably the most important, thing you need to do when considering how to get rid of hated stretch marks is taking your time to thoroughly investigate different available options. Taking a right decision determines the success of your future efforts. Anyways, bearing this idea in your mind, you should be aware that getting rid of stretch marks is not a prompt process. And the 100% success is not guaranteed; you may receive only diminished appearance of the defect in the end.
To examine available options, you can take advantage of numerous specialized web resources easily to be found on the Internet. Comparing the products, pay attention to whether they are helpful in treating and removing old stretch marks or in preventing new ones. Take into account your individual situation.
Along with creams and other cosmetics, there are also invasive methods to remove existing stretch marks, including laser therapy or plastic surgery. Just like any surgical procedure, the abovementioned methods are rather expensive and fraught with some risks and side effects; so, they suite not everyone. In addition, invasive methods can not be used to prevent developing of stretch marks.
Overall, one can state that there are diverse and effective solutions on the market to choose from. Preventive measures should be a priority. Once you already have stretch marks, you will certainly find out a product or procedure that meets your budget and demands.

How to find best eyelash growth serum?

EyelashesDo you envy people who have gorgeous thick eyelashes that extend far beyond their lids so they need very little mascara, if any, to accentuate their eyes? There are many options that will bring you closer to the eyelash growth you desire. Among eyelash growth tricks and treatments, there are even medical treatments that will grow your eyelashes in addition to homeopathic options. If all else fails, there’s mascara and even false eyelashes and eyelash extensions that can help you achieve the look you’re seeking!

Homeopathic Eyelash Growth Promoters

Moisturizing your eyelashes with castor, olive, coconut, avocado, sweet almond, linen, rose-hip, sesame, argan, or burdock root oil can help to moisturize and nourish your eyelashes. Simply wet cotton swab or a cotton ball or pad with the oil or combination of oils of your choosing and spread the oil over your eyelashes prior to going to bed. If you plan on staying in for the day and won’t be applying make-up, you can apply the oils then, too! Doing this regularly will help you to better grow your eyelashes longer and stronger, as applying these oils improves the overall health of your lashes.

Vitamin E and aloe vera are two other homeopathic remedies that will assist your lashes with growing both longer and thicker. You can obtain Vitamin E oil or Vitamin E in capsules and simply brush the liquid onto your lashes with a lash brush and this will help to strengthen and nourish your lashes so they can grow stronger, longer, and thicker!

Green Tea is another viable homeopathic option for growing your eyelashes longer and stronger. You simply need to apply cooled green tea to your eyelashes with a cotton pad, ball, or swab. Green tea contains antioxidants and caffeine that will help with continued growth or your existing lashes and even new eyelash growth!

Eyelash Serum & Cosmetic Eyelash Products to Promote Growth

One of the simplest cosmetics available to help grow lashes long and strong is petroleum jelly! Women have been using this product to make their lashes longer and stronger since the advent of Vaseline. There’s a reason why this product has been in existence for so long and exists in most medicine cabinets, worldwide.

Lash Accelerator mascara is a viable option to speed up eyelash growth. Basically, you apply your mascara to enhance the natural beauty of your eyelashes while the built in eyelash serum promotes growth while you carry on with your life! Top eyelash growth serums can also be purchased alone, so you can wear them either under make-up or when you go to bed or when you’re not planning to apply any make-up since the vast majority of them go on clear.

These serums use various ingredients that promote eyelash growth by moisturizing, conditioning, and strengthening your lashes. Some vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other materials that are purported to benefit your eyelashes are Biotin, Vitamin B5, B7, and H, Co-enzyme R, amino acids, and zinc. These are typical ingredients found in many eyelash serums to strengthen your eyelash follicles to promote eyelash growth.

Medical Eyelash Growth Intervention

Taking Biotin is helpful in facilitating faster, longer, and stronger eyelash growth. Biotin is a B vitamin that promotes rapid hair, eyebrow, and eyelash growth. A good dosage to begin with to boost the growth of your lashes is a 5,000 mg. Biotin supplement.

If vitamins, homeopathic, and topical remedies don’t help your eyelashes grow, Lattice was approved the FDA in December 2008. This prescription eyelash lengthening agent grows thin and/or sparse eyelashes long and strong! Originally developed as a glaucoma drug, Latisse comes in eye drops that can be dropped into your eyes. Using Lattisse eye drops reduces the pressure in your eyes and through this mechanism aids your eyelashes with growth.

Herbal penis enlargement pills nowadays

Pace of modern life of men can cause psychological tension and stress. This problem is especially important for people living in big cities, where every day the body is faced with bad ecology, synthetic products with artificial additives, chemical drugs.

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Nature has a great potential to be used for the benefit of his health. Natural remedies only bring benefits, they have no side effects and solve several problems in the body: treat, fill the body with nutrients and vitamins, detoxify the body.

When you use natural pills, your body tells you:”Thank’s” for their generous contribution to the health. Herbal medicines help, even when conventional medicine can not help. Consumption of herbs in a defined dose has a positive effect on your body.

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