What is Sexual Attraction and How It Can Be Increased

attractionWhat makes a person sexually attractive to the opposite sex? This is the question that people have been asking for ages. For better or worse, nobody knows an exact answer. The only indisputable thing is that the sexual attraction is not about our external look only.

What Science Says

While a rather mysterious concept, sexual attraction was a subject of numerous scientific studies. The researchers mainly were successful in categorizing certain factors rather than in revealing an exact mechanism. Anyways, their findings can be interesting and helpful to a broad audience.

The first fact you might be surprised with is that we are to a large extent guided by smell when determining our matching partner. The chemicals that transfer this kind of information are called pheromones; they are released with an individual’s sweat. Women tend to react to scents more readily. Nowadays, pheromones can be synthesized in labs and added to perfumes. This is a really effective way to boost your sexual appeal.

Another interesting finding that men should know is that women are hooked by masculine traits. Broad shoulders, strong arms and masculine face features will undoubtedly make them turn their heads. This is because women subconsciously associate all those traits with better fertility and ability to defend the family. While this is not true in the modern society any more, the instinct engraved in the female brain still works without a failure.

On the other hand, studies show that attractiveness is not about external appearance only. Personality traits play a very important role too. Kind and amicable people find a partner much easier than those possessing a rough temper. In fact, our temper determines how our facial traits are perceived by people around us.

It is also worth noticing that the sexual attraction is highly individual; what works for some one can be absolutely useless for another person. Similarly, what one likes can be not tolerated by others.

How to Be More Attractive

Based on the abovementioned findings, we can try to manage our sexual attraction. This can be done not only by means of correcting our physical condition and external look, but also through improvement of our personality features. There are certain secrets of attractiveness, which are common for both men and women.

First of all, remember that people tend to get attracted to something interesting, welcoming and intriguing. So avoid looking boring, demonstrate your emotions openly and be positive. Show what you really are.

The body language is not to be overlooked too. If you are fit, don’t be shy to demonstrate your torso, muscles or chest. Your chances to be noticed are much higher in this case. Avoid keeping your arms crossed or your hands in the pockets as these signs are known to show that the individual is not willing to expand its social circle.

Remember that even such simple things can have a significant effect on your sexual attraction. So, to improve your appeal, devise a new image and behavior pattern and stick to them thoroughly.

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